From the fog comes...

Ever feel like you've lived a past life?


From the fog comes

a memory.

Shrouded in mystery, and


Did I know myself better on that bridge?

Did I have a purpose then?

In another life I can only feel,

I can't explain.

Tell me again why did I turn in the fog and darkness?

I can't remember.

Did I ravage and steal the lives of others

was I a murderer?

It felt like it was yesterday,

on that bridge.

the revolver is cocked,

my round is primed

for firing.

I have made a lot of poor decisions

in life.

I would like to believe that this,

was a good one.

The cylinder turns once

only a second earlier did fire escape

from it's steel tomb.

The lifeless bullet takes


I turn and see a bright light

through mist, fog

and darkness.

Cascading from the apex

of the only road.

Life it seems,

is calling me back,

to make one last turn

into the realm of


I am immortal.

The End

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