From the bottom to the topMature

I'm staring at white blank pages

Looking for the words to echo through-out the ages

Turn my morality to immortality 

Live so long

Stand so tall

Never be wrong

I'll write my scripture on the bathroom wall,

Run naked down the kitchen through the hall

All the thoughts I've thought them all

Screaming to the bright night sky

Lights flicker

Fog grows thicker

The words keep getting sicker

I need a cure for this illness

This realness

This level of obsceneness is through the roof

Take my thoughts and make them go poof

This world is all in aloof

From the moneyless

To the homeless

To the greedyness

And the lies

From the bankers

To the brokers

To the owners

And the loaners

From the bottom to the top

From the retched to the rich

This whole planet is infected with our filth

The End

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