From me, for You

It's a poem I wrote for my best friend when she decided to go and pursue her studies beyond school outside India.

There are some moments in our lives,
Which we need when we go to sleep.
Moments with friends, laughing or crying,
Despite the promises we didn’t manage to keep.

We have learned how to make each other go nuts,
And also learned how to bring back a lost smile.
After all these years, we know how to wipe away tears,
And we also know how to love someone, even for a little while.

We’re leaving behind the nest we’ve known,
And flying towards the distant horizon.
The future is a mystery, but we have memories of the past to remember…
As warm and awesome as the rising sun.

You’re going away, so I am too.
That’s the theory of relative position.
We’ll no longer be there to watch each others’ backs,
But hope to prolong our friendship through the distance and commotion.

The world is bad, with a hint of goodness,
And you’ll face your share of jealousy and sympathy.
But if there’s any trouble, any problem,
In some corner of the world, I want you to know, I’ll hope you will come to me.

It’s not easy to not have you anymore,
How can I forget believing that you’ll always be by my side?
Well, let’s just say that’s the way life was planned for all of us…
But I promise I’ll make it, for both of us, a joyride.

The world always felt secure,
‘cause you’re the one I could call at four in the morning…
Well, hey, there’s more to say than I possibly can,
But I have the song of life wrote, and soon we’ll be together and singing.

In this world where we come and go alone,
We either find a way or get lost.
But during this journey we make friends out of co-travelers,
And amongst all those I have known, I treasure your friendship and you the most.

The End

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