From Ashes.

Bathed in tears I die today
A sweeter fate then to live in death
With gratitude I return to the soil
To rise from ash like the burning bird.
Trumpets have made their call.
They thunder against this prison cell.
Can you hear it, the crumbling of the walls.
The defiant screams of a shackled soul.
Stand not against me on this day
for I have seen my angels cry
those rivers lead straight to hell
and hell hath no fury so brilliant
Blood, flow freely once more
Let it seep into desolate sands
Let it nourish the seeds of revolution.
Reap what life may be left
On this day I am reborn
Fear will find no quarter
No longer do I wallow in my own annihilation
For I am beautiful! Imperfect, but me.

The End

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