From Afar

Someone watches from a distance, only what they dream of experiencing.

The grass on the lawn, frozen together, like a family intertwined with each other. 

The air is cool and frigid, making the little girl's breath come out like puffs of crystallized vapor.

The chatter coming from the passing faces, like snowflakes reaching the ground;

Each word soft, quiet, and fluid, as if someone is stealing away secrets.

I see every movement, watch every step, here the flow of words,

Even though I watch from afar.

I long to be like the energetic child dancing through the crystals falling to earth.

Like the snowflakes, free to embrace the wind and choose their destiny.

Like the unspoken words, calm but intriguing.

And most importantly, like a family. Holding onto each other for dear life.

But I can only watch from afar.


The End

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