From a Spider's Corner

Although I didn't keep this poem too far from my own experiences, I decided to keep it on an every day's level, and not go into my deeper self... Sometimes when I have very busy days in the house (Fridays for instance) I ask myself what would someone think is they saw me in a hidden camera? And would I be better off being on the side sitting on a comfortable couch watching? Just to make sure you know what I really think- I added the last two lines of the poem...

I am a humble spider living in a small corner

My life could have been peaceful and quiet

If I hadn't decided to spin my web in the house of Mrs. Forner

I thought I would be happy living off a fly's diet

So there I was, minding my own business, until I realized

My corner was nothing but quiet and peaceful

My beautiful spot that I have idealized

The spot I worked hard to turn into something so very beautiful

Turned out to be placed above an intersection in Mrs. Forner's Busy

Home.  She had not one, or two or three children. No! It was ten children she had!  

Yes, ten I said. Looking at them all made me dizzy

With sun rise she wakes every morning to bake 5 loafs of bread

Disturbing my sleep knocking and banging the dough

Against the table, day after day as if she's working in a stable

But baking the bread is only the beginning of the show

You can't believe how much noise under one roof's gable

My Mrs. Forner runs around from room to room

Looking for lost pants, shirts, sock and shoes

When they are all finally out, she then takes the broom

In an hour she manages the work of ten crews

After that she starts the cutting and chopping

All sorts of delicious dishes she is busy making

After that it is laundry, washing and drying

I tell you it is endless ironing and folding

So there I was, lying on my back lazily stretching out

Thinking about a fat juicy fly that would serve as my supper

Knowing I was fortunate and blessed beyond doubt

For while poor Mrs. Forner had to work hard and suffer

I was waiting for my prey to come to me while all I have to do is tout

And care only about my own spider being and the food that will come to my table

Although an insect I am, I think it reminds me of some other insects' fable…

The End

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