From A Lover's Eyes

Bright lights screaming his name

Calling him home, Nothing he said will ever be the same

He is falling

Screaming her name, Louder, he’s calling

He can’t come home till the angel sings

Opens her heart, And spreads her wings

All he wanted was her back

He cried as he fell, While she slipped through the crack

He never wanted to be the final straw,

He wanted her heart, He wanted her all

But in the end he went too far

The blood ran thick, Thick as tar

At his skin, the wind whips

His hope vanishes, His dignity she strips

He catered to her every whim

She tore him down, Devouring him

He gasps for air, their twisted fates

Father calls him home, As he stands outside the pearl gates

They open to reveal inside

The lover’s home, A river of tears the angels cried

The End

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