From A Father's Eyes

Screaming sedition

It consumes him now, There will be no remission

He lays there dying

Gasping for air, While she stands crying


He will never hear her silent cries

All his words, His promises, lies

He takes his last breath

She’s fleeing the room, Fleeing his death


Consumed by violence

Tortured and lost, Consumed in silence

Her sanity wanes

She’s lost it now, She succumbs to the pains


He let her go

She breaks down, Now she’ll never know

Was he just a friend?

Why now, Why must it end?


A painful truth so hard to swallow

Her heart left empty, Entirely hollow

The words so obscene

Daddy’s little princess, Turned drama queen


The day they laid her in the ground

Her father uttered, But one sound..

‘’So this is how she dies?

She has lost all respect, From a father’s eyes”

The End

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