From A Daughter's Eyes

They kissed once on a cold, dark night

They’re lips touch, Her eyes glow bright

Before she thought that men were swine

She thought to herself, I’ll make him mine

A thirst for love that none can sate

She sealed her heart , And sealed their fate

And when they laid him in the ground

There was one shot, A single sound

She always had him in her heart

But when he gave in, She fell apart

Before she left she feared what he sought

Her father’s word, The inevitable thought

Here and now he does disown

The love of his daughter, The years she has grown

The years of pain he cast aside

Something so painful, Something by which he must abide

She gasps and takes a final breath

As she gives in, Gives in to death

Her final words pierce the skies

He has lost her love, From a daughter’s eyes

The End

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