Sometimes I wake up,
cuddle under the covers,
and I lie there for hours,
I don't even look up. 

I don't have anything to do this morning.
I don't have anything.
Not a thing to do this morning.
Not a thing.

Nothing for me to do this morning 
but walk around, and eat.
Such a smart little monkey,
balanced on my feet.
breathing and eating and
sleeping and sleeping and
walking on my feet.

and then back
to the sleep 
too awake and aware
for the dream to really be there.

but in some small way it lingers on.
and it feels so intense,
and real. 

and then I wake up.
and still.
I feel.
and I lie awake for hours, 
searching for the dream...
for a reason 
to be so
but I want to be this way forever
here under the covers, never
peeking out to see what's peeking in.
and disregard the light that's leaking in, forever
searching for a dream I don't remember.

The End

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