If I could tell you, could ask you, could speak,

My innermost thoughts imbue.

Would you join in my honesty?

And show me

How the world looks from your shoe?


If I had the bottle, the balls, the guts,

I’d share my feelings with you.

But I am no warrior,

Brave and bold,

And so, from afar, I pursue.


I can smell your scent in the air I breathe,

Fresh and musky like bamboo.

Aroma, the soft comfort,

Much needed,

But why, I cannot construe.


I can see your body, your face, your eyes,

Those pools of a brownish hue.

Do not stare at the bare soul

Else fall in

The pit of guilty fondue.


I can hear your deep voice, your words, your speech,

Toxic and sticky like glue.

Things said cannot be unheard,

They linger,

Stain the chest like a tattoo.


I can’t ask you to share your heart with me,

As precious a being as you,

I haven’t had the courage,

Never will.

Guess friends will have to make do.

The End

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