Friendship Forever

I wrote this poem after watching Black Beauty- the movie. So you could say I was 'inspired' to write about friendship, having been deeply influenced by the friendship between a human and an animal. The poem talks about how much a friend matters to us really.

“I often wonder,
If I hadn’t been your friend,
It would have been a blunder,
So big that I could never amend.

Still, I thank my stars,
For finding me someone like you.
Without hindrances, without bars,
With whom I can laugh, and if needed, cry too.

‘Cut throat’ they call the world.
That’s what the humans do.
But vast as the sea, and free as a bird,
A true and an honest friendship still exists amidst this, between me and you.

Dun no how I’d feel,
If I ever were away from you.
You’ll say, “Missing you; I’ve been”
I’ll say, “I’ve missed you a lot too.”

As the sun sets, I’ll remember you,
I’ll remember you as it rains.
Friendship may end in ‘I love you’,
But love in friendship always remains.

And that’s why I wish to say,
“I’ll never go away from you friend!
You’ve been my each and every day,
And to meet you, I will my destiny; bend.”

No matter the cost,
To ANY extent, to see you again, I’ll pay.
Unless my life is lost,
I’ll be with you on every friendship day.

God bless August,
God bless its first Sunday.
On this day, like a princess and her prince dearest,
Shall we hold hands, and from this world, walk away.

The End

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