Friendship at its heights.

Dedicated to a friend who, although I left behind physically, have not mentally. I love you, Elizabeth.

You remained with me,

You kept me in your heart.

Even when I forgot to reply to emails,

You sent new ones.

Even when I moved away,

You kept in touch.

You made sure to keep yourself free to meet me

Whenever I came back to town.

Even after meeting only thrice in three years,

You still keep my photographs,

Still read every email till the end,

Still give me present on the rare birthdays when you can.

And even though we haven't met physically very often,

You still treat me as you would another friend.

We fight,

We hug,

We stare at pictures of hot guys together,

We bi*ch about those we hate together,

We call eachother when we need help with homework

(Even though it's long distance).

And even though you probably won't read this,

I want to say,

I love you.

And I miss you.


The End

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