Friends Forever Or Never

*This is something that I wrote almost two years ago and just found in my documents. Enjoy : ]

Too may friends have come and gone

Now it sounds like a very sad song

I’ve had some friends give me valentine cards

And sometimes candy in little jars

Fake friends are ones to suck up

Or beg for something like a pup

No matter how many friends care

I’ve learned that true friends are always there

I gazed upon that old valentine card

From somewhat years ago

I ripped it in two and saw as it sank very low

I have ten fingers like everyone I know

But even they can’t really show

How many friends are really true

How many? I don’t know who

Two friends now separated is how it ends

Sometimes over a fight or something someone lends

Like a sweater, or books or a pack of pens

But however much I try to keep a friend forever

It ends that we never want to be together

I glanced across the room as if there formed a line of my


I realize that it’s me not them, but either way it goes it


The End

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