Help Me

I'm in love. I want to die.

Drowning, choking, harsh words of this world

The pain, the suffering

Push, shove but I end up missing you

The lies, the guilt

 Can’t I just be fine? 

Can’t I say i’m okay and call it a day?

The bleeding, the screaming

My skin kisses cool, sharp, blade

Please come to my aid

Sharp sting, searing pain

Close my eyes, think of you

Hope blossoms 

Maybe I should just toss him

Pink, purple candy hearts

Sweet as your kisses

Soft, rough, touch

Whispers of false hope

A razor helps me cope

Wolf like senses 

Be my crutches

Scared and alone

Locked away inside my room

Dreaming of the day when i’ll rest in my tomb

The End

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