At the Starting LineMature

No matter the situation, change causes a slew of emotional reactions. Whether that be joy, fear, sadness or excitement is left to the individual scenario, but the fact remains that life will somehow be altered and one will somehow have to cope with it. High school is one of those realms, I think, and this details how it worked for me: from the end of middle school to the middle of my freshman year. Hope you enjoy.

There’s more to an eye than what it meets,

More to a life than all it sees.

A star amongst the blank canvas of the universe

Is never really noticed at all.


We are much more than the sum of parts,

Of deficiencies and qualities to subtract.

Each dot is an individual with an individual story

That most of the world won’t hear.


Yet cry, cry we do for all the attention

To our lives and our lives alone.

But cry, cry, because we won’t get what we deserve

And no one ever really does.


I suppose it’s all my fault for whatever happened

And all that I said and did and believed.

Placing blame doesn’t make me feel better.

It never did.

The End

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