Freezing Heart

A man watching the love of his life from a distance as his heart starts to crumble over the mistakes he'd made.

They shone,

Like two candles,

Bright and sparkling,

Through the window.

I watched,

From a distance,

Her silhouette barely visible,

Past the thick snow.

Cold gnawing,

My heart shudders,

But I stand still,

Waiting for her.

Hoping she'll see me,

I cross my fingers,

Wishing she'd love me,

Once more.


I lose myself in a dream,

I try to wake up,

To only be pulled down again,

Into the depths.

I can't stop wondering,

How it might have been,

If that one night had gone all right,

And I hadn't said 'no'.

Maybe if I'd known,

That I would have come to love you,

More than I possibly could,

Things would be right.

But my mistakes are why we're here,

And I cry inside,

For the love I'd lost,

A love I'd wanted.


She turns,

I freeze,

Cold once more,

She sees me.

Opening her window,

She looks down,

A void in her eyes,

That I can no longer fill.

Seconds turn into eternity,

We connect,


and loss.

She steps back,

Sapphire eyes glassy,

With no second thought,

Closes the window.

I stand,

In the bitter cold snow,


If this was real.

Then I feel it,

The thudding of my heart,



And I know:

I'd lost her.



The End

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