Freedom For The Caged

This poem was written for anyone who has ever felt trapped. Sometimes we forget that there are others in the world who have felt pain like our own, and that their is hope in the darkness.

Anger boiling inside my soul

My body shakes with rage

No one knows the feeling

Of being trapped within this cage

I can't escape the voices

"You only have yourself to blame"

Their screams echo in the night

A constant reminder of my shame

Fear begins to consume my mind

Devouring the last of my sanity

Remembering what was done

No more hope for humanity

A new voice is then heard

Somewhere in the distance

A voice of a new tone

The voice of resistance

The bars begin to break

Your face comes into view

Eyes of understanding

You've been caged too

Light surrounds your shape

"Its time to break free"

Your voice gives hope

There is someone like me

The chains begin to fall

As your words are spoken

Never could I imagine

One could love the broken.

The End

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