You took my backbone and turned it into a wish bone 

Hidden black eyes

Words that scared my psyche

I didn’t want to be the bitch in your stories of twisted lies

Even when your hand prints bruised my skin

I was your defense attorney to every judgement made against you


You told me you would put me six feet under

 I secretly wished you would

Then I wouldn’t have to feel the pain that ache my heart

Like mini earthquakes when I hear your name

Our love was built on a foundation of sand

I was your target and you had perfect aim

Even when my womb held your child

You fought to be called a man

You were just a boy with a broken smile

Your apologies soaked in desperation

They locked me in a tower of my own confusion


Pieces of my broken self esteem  lay on the floor like abstract art

Your daunting smell lingers around this empty house 

Like the smell of a burn out match 

Your somber words still tangled around my heart

No long do I fear your angry fists 

Never again will you have me in your grips


The End

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