Freedom | Chains

Do you think these conscious thoughts
flow naturally
That I do this without effort or processing
That on some days,
the words blend together in uniform
like waterfalls
and pour into this page in a malevolent beauty
capable of provoking the deepest
awe-ing sensations of the soul
while simultaneously
ripping what's beneath it to shreds

The short answer is no
I only wish I had that kind of freedom
Unrestricted prevelance of every notion
that slipped the tip of my tongue
The unrelenting engine
to push these cylinders into eternity
and the unbound threads
to ignore the laws of nature and friction

That freedom may never be achieved
I may live the rest of my days
waking up
and wondering
Whether I'll be restricted to my internal chains
or flying past the horizon
Transcending these boundaries
And reflecting the projectiles aimed at the wings
I've delecately crafted
and engraved with my own essence

And all at once it may disappear

But I live for this moment
And while I have it
I'll be damned if these propellers go to waste

The End

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