A Ten-Minute Misery

A collection of my free-writing poetry and pieces.

Sometimes I feel like every human connection has been

Severed between the silver blades of scissors, glinting

Like a shotgun barrel in the late evening sunlight of

An August that never ended in a summer that never

Began, and I know it's

Time to



The clock hands flash with funeral grandeur, everything

Is ending and the world falls to its knees; you comfort the

Archangel in your arms before you empty your

Second last bullet into her diamond

Skull. . .


Empty your tear-ducts, empty the chamber into the

Stone hearts that lock you within their mortuary parlours;

Ten-minutes days ache like a dying milennium

Embedded with the jewels that somebody's nobody

Died for.


I can't feel the light on my rotting flesh 'cause it's

All artificial and white; no darkness to hide my

Ugly eyes; why can't you gouge them from my head

And watch them roll like marbles; stones that are

Flawed to the



Put the dagger inside their souls and watch them

Bleed like a burning

Bible; sins of a population, one prayer heals the

Sinners; just stone the ones who felt and



Sometimes I feel like alienation is a

Drug, and I'm addicted to my own

Humiliation, I just want to cut the

Last thread and

Go numb.


Do you ever feel like screaming?

Locked away to shriek until the

 Walls bleed and trigger the

Paradise apocalypse.


Sometimes I could stab my own reflection

And watch blood drip from the cracks in the


While I fall to pieces like a skeleton.


Have you ever hoped that

Nobody loves you .  . ?




The End

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