Free Flow Macabre

I'm murdering,


Dead phonies,

Blood curdling


Bone hurtling

The last

Of humanity

With the hands

Of a homicidal fantasy

Encased as coffins confine

Alive screams often inside

my wide eyed


Unspoken but coughing

Choking on lofting flesh smoking--

Wafting out of open lung laughing

Calamity, rapidly wrapping you up in insanity

Sealed tighter than light cast upon the face of a fighter

With a gutted soul within

Forming ferocious teeth needle thin

In it to impale and thrash off the viel

Of skin that life placed you in

And when

Your hollering begins hollowing

The silence comes following

An encompassing numbness

Shifts your desire for feasts: crumbless

Deceased with no more lust for the undressed

Senses coincide to nothing but quiet unrest.  



The End

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