As I look at my life and what happened back then

I sit and I think in this cerebral den

I started out young just learning to walk

Then my head became clearer and started to talk

Forward a few years and I have my first friend

A buddy, a pal there til the end

A quick jump to the time when I turned thirteen

During this year my world was different from what I have seen

I got angry and sad and I started to cry

Despression sank in after having a loved one die

One year later and I understand

That I have Someone there to take hold of my hand

A person to guide me through to this day

Loving me when I'm close and when I stray

Through the bumps and the changes of the former me

I open my eyes and finally see

That there is one thing that has always been there

Something that lifted my soul and helped me to bear

There's Love inside me that I'm ready to share

Jesus lives and I know because I can see

That in troubled times, He let me be free

The End

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