A girl who has been heart broken too many times
So much mistakes she had made
She has reached her breaking point
She feels only a place other than land is where she belongs

I'av lost myself


I'm in too deep

I cnt seem to find a place to rest my head 

My feet's  are harden & sore

My body is weak..

My heart is filled with pain & regrets 

My soul as wondered so far away

& my willingness seems to av forgotten me

There's nothing

Nothing left of me

Just a space filled with darkness 

& I just stood there & watched it entered me

I wish I could change how I feel 

Or find away to get out of this place

I don't wanna be

I tried running but its faster than me

When I sleep its my only free

When I do I dream of the sea

As if its calling me

In these dreams I felt peace 

For the first time I belong 

I felt me

So when I die 

I hope the sea 

Takes me

The End

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