Freak Facade

This poem/song is based on a character in my Halloween story, his name is Facade. This is meant to sound like a scramble of things, and is meant to make sense, without making any sense. It is a mix of his present and past. Like this missing part, and shaking is his past, but the mask, and strings are his present.

On the

Side of the road

I lift strings

They are so heavy


I am


A mind of my own

And yet




So many days

I could not be heard

The suns rays couldn’t

Even pierce



Much less you

How would you

Even think?

That I could stand

How could I stand?

On my own



I am afraid

Of this façade

I can’t shake

Yet I can’t see the ground


And I miss

Miss you unlike

Ever before

A snickered grin

Proves that they are in charge.

How much does a mask cost?

The End

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