She spends all her time on her own at school

Home life is no different, she's just isolated between walls

Being on her own isn't something out of choice

When she's ignored, nobody hears her voice

The hardest part is when she sees someone happy

Why should they enjoy themselves...

...when she has no right to grow her wings

She indulges herself in the music, in her ears

But her music doesn't suit the taste to some of her peers

She dresses in a strange style

To some it may be seen as weird

But she sees it as unique

And her life isn't as bad as she feared

She's not self-centered

But she is very self-confessed

That's why girls don't like her, they feel threatened by what's left

The remaining pieces to her puzzle

Still don't fit in there places correctly

Maybe because she was created, to have a few empty spaces

The End

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