Frank Campos' Reader Response Criticism

In Life As We Knew It, they are going through a slew of natural disasters. These natural disasters are occurring in Philadelphia, this would affect me because at least once a year the Dallas Cowboys play in Philadelphia, the natural disasters would affect the level of security I feel. The characters are missing their edible luxuries, the young girl is craving chocolate.

There are disasters and mishappenings all the time in the world currently, the amount of life threatening events that are believed to on the verge of occurring by scientists is flat out alarming. This book made me think about what my family and I would do in reaction to the events. Seeing as one of the most important things in my life is food, I believe that they addressed the struggle of trying to find food pretty well.

I think that the point of view is intriguing, could you imagine if every author wrote a book in the way that Susan Pfeffer has. I think that I would probably spend more time with other people, because I wouldn’t want to die feeling alone, I wouldn’t want someone else to die thinking that I didn’t love them or treasure my time with them.

The End

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