Poem for a friend leaving for better things :)

You arrived with your heart in your hands

With security in your plans, you were strong 

You brought with you for the world, a fist full of demands 

A determination to get you to where you belong.


But wandering through on the way to that place

You sometimes lost the path on your headstrong way

Then that determination would be missing from  your face

And at those times I let you down,  when you needed me to say...


You are beautiful in the way that you look and are 

You are kind, and have been there to lift me from falls 

Your strength in your convictions, will make you shine like a star 

and although everything you've always dreamed of now calls...


I will always be here and owe you everything I can give 

Because you accepted me and the ways I'm naive 

And I know that this is your chance to go and really live

But I'm not sure how I'm going to be strong and watch you leave. 


So remember when your either having the time of your life 

Or struggling to get up and move on after a tumble 

It's only the best that rise above pain and strife 

And your undoubtably the best, no matter how many times you stumble.


Don't cry because your leaving things behind

Or because your thinking of everyone you'll miss

Theres so many new opportunities for you to find

I expect to hear about every performance, heartbreak or new kiss :)


Lastly, Your loved because you never give in, or give up

So when you arrive at your new start, make sure your eyes are dry

Because I'll miss more than skiving off sports, and your tea in my special cup

But don't you dare ever think, this is goodbye. 

The End

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