your screams don’t faze me

I reserve no sympathy for criminals

pitiless creature

picturesque—your rose petal pink lips and your pleas of innocence

penniless vulture

your circumstances do not justify your actions

your vile and malicious and crooked deeds


your whiskers twitch with scheduled plans of delinquency


your defensive snarl—how it demolishes your defense


glaring malevolence is found in your amoral amber gaze

the black slits like the keen, translucent daggers at your feet

with which you have committed assault

a violent attempt on the guiltless life of Rudy

a crime punishable by death

you have drawn glistening beads of crimson

from his ivory skin—


how can it be

that our outermost shield

our epidermal armor

should be so effortlessly obliterated?

why do humans find themselves

so very fragile

so frail

skin like eggshells

bones like glass—


your abili is absent

your claims are corrupt

the evidence shrieks in favor of your doom

and the jury unanimously agrees


your claws are to be plucked from your hairy digits


why do you squirm so violently?


your limbs are to be tightly bound


have you ever known justice to be merciful?


you are to experience the prolonged agony of thirst

of hunger




you are to experience pain

as Rudy has

as I have

for you have committed assault

a crime punishable by death

The End

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