good morning

good evening

good night

I’m pleased to make your acquaintance

don’t act so surprised

don’t think I haven’t noticed you

hovering there

like a caged hummingbird

or perhaps you’re simply lost—

don’t be shy

step closer

the light is skewed

the shadows distort my view

let me hear your erratic pulse

a pizzicato


hear your whistling breath

how it sputters and wheezes

show me your irises

your beady eyes

are they black with judgment

blue with sorrow

green with vengeance


what is the color of happiness?—

perhaps they’re purple with fear


are you afraid of me?

don’t misunderstand

you shouldn’t devour the sinful sweetness of your honesty so readily—

to do so is to die

many are convinced by their imagined realities but each is a lie—

are you afraid of me?

my caution tape skin and stop sign eyes

I wouldn’t be angry with you

I terrify me


good morning

good evening

good night

the day begins with sleepy skies from a dream

painted pastel hues of pink, purple, and blue

the clouds are clumps of candy floss

floating away

we’re floating away

the sun

humble and hesitant

reaches up to secure himself a morsel

to taste the atmospheric sugars

their pink, purple, and blue

while they burst like tiny crystalline fireworks

their sparks would splash against his tongue

they would dance

but the spiderwebs of sweetness have departed from the stratosphere

in their place

lonely misery and miserable loneliness

the sky is white hot and empty

we’re empty, you and i

we don’t begin empty

we are not born as hollow beings

but pieces of us have crumbled and collapsed and caved in

I know

I can see how you’ve forced bits of life inside yourself

the worst form of identity fraud

I can see how you’ve forced truths turned lies inside yourself

tell me who you stole them from

before a blanket of blackness slithers—slowly, so slowly—around the planet

before the brittle earth is eclipsed by violet night and silver stars—

they’re dying

they’re dying and it’s beautiful—

the sun slits his wrists

haven’t you noticed?

how he drowns each night in the scarlet waves of his own blood

in his lonely misery and miserable loneliness

he dies

he dies and it’s beautiful

The End

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