Fragile girl with snow white skin

I have seen those monster within

Whispering lies to you

All I ask is do not give in.

Times  you had spent all alone

In a house that is not a home

Those demons consumed you

Engraved thoughts not of your own.

Fragile girl with big dark eyes

I have seen tears throughout those nights

Stream down your pretty face

Withering all of your grace.

You have listened for so long

To creatures who were all wrong

I just need you to see

 You have the right to be free.

Fragile girl with long black hair

I have seen you always compare

Yourself with the "divine"

Wished to be a "ten" or a "nine."

There are people just like you

Sick, tired, and angry too

So let go of your fear

You are not alone my dear.

Fragile girl with heart of gold

All I ask is do not get sold

Lies state you can not be you

But that is so far from true.

The End

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