Für Julia

My first poem, written when I was 15. More symbolic than an actual occurrence. Small reference to Marathon Eternal in it..

When I have writers block, I always like to come back to it.

The sea was not blue, but a cold shade of grey,
I watched the ships bounce on the turbulent waters,
The cars pass on the Gate of Golden Dreams while
My love lay dying, on that cold November Day.

We met in the Garden, when it all began.
Not the Garden of Eden, another, older and overlay
With wild flowers. I remember her smile,
Bright, mysterious. Knower of all secrets. My Raven.

Our Love had been strong, swift and true.
Yet now, on bloodied granite and oak she lay.
Would this all be here, if she hadn't left?
In her final breath, shallow eyed, she gave her ultimate clue.

"Darling, for me do not weep.
For us all, Death shall creep."

The End

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