Four Weddings and a Funeral

Loved the movie - still love it. Well, I haven't grown out of the Nineties yet :)

Wedding No:1

I had first seen her at this wedding
She was invited as friend of the bride
In a crowded room with many admirers
And only smoldering jealousy at my side

Wedding No:2

At this wedding I met her again
She had come as friend of the groom
I mustered enough courage to ask her name (That I already knew!!)
and then settled to a night of gloom

Wedding No 3:

And at this wedding I met her again
the pretty lass had come unchaperoned
No lack of suitors, as she danced away
whilst at my table, I sat alone

Wedding No :4
This one I so reluctantly went
and she announced that she was engaged
the futility of my prior encounters
spent alone, drunk and enraged


Finally at my Uncle's funeral we met
I had long perished a few weeks before
We sat in silence, not exchanging a glance
No point in acknowledging each other anymore

I glanced at the casket one last time
I swear I thought my uncle moved his head
"What are you doing here you fool?"
"Go after her, or I will instead!"

Galvanized I rushed madly after her
blurted out some words on shaking knees
She smiled as she looked into my eyes
"Why did it take you so long to talk to me?"

The End

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