Four Walls

All I've got are these four walls

they are surrounding me

But they are closing in

and it's getting hard to breathe

I feel like I am drowning alone

in all of this uncertainty


No one will come to my rescue

they all have left me behind

No one is here to sympathize

this world is too unkind

No friends to ease the troubled worries

just this solitary mind


The mirror reflects an empty future

I am staring through the past

I wonder how long I can endure

and how long this pain will last

Will I collapse under the pressure

Of this grief that has amassed


I can't seem to ever find you

Though I've been looking around

But it's hard to search the skies above

With feet stuck to the ground

I can't escape the distant memories

When my heart is locked and bound


The days they pass and love is gone

And my dreams are fading away

Would this life be any different

If I had just asked you to stay

I would give up this mortal soul

To hold you for one more day



The End

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