I Was Never Yours

Drowning in a glass of spilled milk
i was never Your mess to clean up
but i dripped and dribbled
insistently coated Your skin with the slick, silent liquid

There was too much
and soon You were drowning too

Carelessly pouring, sliding
slipping, dripping, forcing
into a glass too small to contain such Disaster
a container too limited to restrain such Catastrophe

and the Moonlight shone for the two of us
the sun had eyes only for You, its Daughter
the rain only added fire to Your heart
resisting the current of that unrestricted river

but i saw the fortress crumbling
and i saw the cornerstones worn to dust

i saw the flags fading
i saw the sun dying
i saw the moon crying

and the milk
i saw it glisten in Your hair
and it was just too much for me to bear

so i gave up
i gave in
i drank it
every bit

and drown i did

i was never Your mess to clean up

the sun shone again
the moon ceased its tears
Your castle began repairs

i can hear Your words
lost within my night
stuck between the gates of so much lost time
Your meaningless pleas
sink my heart into my lungs

but to save Your castle
i give my own
and i will Always love You

so i was devoured
by the aftermath
of my Shattered soul

The End

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