The Reason

its not to say that i object
but its always been my pity party
(and i will cry if i want to)
You're not required to attend

but here You are once again
dancing slowly next to this brick wall
looking pretty, full of life and sparkle

putting away your worries
putting away your cares
hiding it in the Moonlight behind your hair
like You don't belong here

and You don't

because its my pity party, Dear
(and i will cry if i want to)
and i'm trying to say that i object
that i can do this by myself

i won't dance
and i won't sing
and i won't do a single thing

No, no, no, no, no

don't You tell me I can't go
this is a party of one
and don't taunt me with Your twisted math
this time i'm not going to laugh

its not always going to be okay
and that's the reason...

well, Baby
that's the reason i can't stay

The End

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