Four Shattered Stars

"There's something terrifying about the aftermath of a shattered soul."

The sky is vast and dark and great
The winds are fast and cold
And while these shining rays abate
All we ever do is wait

We wait for missing pieces of a dream
We wait for things we've never seen
We're waiting for the world to breathe

This space right here
Too small to see
This little part inside of me
Contains those things that never rest
Locked inside this awful chest

My heart.
My soul.
My mind.
This empty sham of body

These four fallen, shattered stars
From my sky so dark
My winds so cold
I count those broken pieces everyday
As if they're cherished gold

And no one will ever understand
The four shattered stars
I hold within my hand

They only belong to me
Because I know they'll never see

They will never comprehend
That these four shattered stars
Are everything I am

The End

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