Four Seasons of Memories

A "where I'm from" poem completed during my tenth grade year in high school.

I am from sunny summer mornings

I feel a gentle breeze

The warm sun on my upturned face

I am from starry nights

Like a disco ball in the sky

I am from laughter, friends, and nights I hope never end

I am from fiery leaves falling

Blazing air becomes milder

A nephew arrives in early November

New life is fresh as sunrise air

I am from holiday memories

Halloween and Thanksgiving roll on by

I am from snowflakes falling

It's deep freeze time

New frost shines in fading light

I am from flying snowballs and frozen angels

Frigid air chases us inside

Winter is Christmas, New Year's, and family

I am from starting over

The Earth thaws and begins to wake

Birds sing again, a sweet new song

I am from many seasons of memories

The cycle begins again as my poem finds its end

The End

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