Four leaf cloverMature

This Poem is about an Imaginary clover that never really existed to begin with, It's to emphasize how love looks for different ways to avoid heart break.

Your just another number on my phone

Your annoying and you just get me screaming leave me alone

My hearts wrapped around in Crome

And my mind white and misty like foam

My heart beats slow'n You got me prone with the fake love that you shown

You got me so confused  I refused I fell for the illusion

No more of that intrusion

The invasion of the little butterflies once flied don't fly no more

And then I sighed it was all over

I said "this stupid four leaf clover that made this start and Now it's over". .

These four leaf clovers With the pedal that contain the remedy to happiness

That made me run down the road with the pursuit of happiness

Luckily I snapped out of loves crabbiness

Loves is an internal affair between the brain and the heart

but it's exposed externally through expressions of emotion

 But when it hits you it's like you were thrown in an inferno

Love is a battery that you need to charge

But I lost the charger And I lost my four leaf clover and once again it's over

This time I wish it was slower

Because every moment is gain But without you is pain

and I let it rain The tears of my fears wash away Growing stronger

I stood up and walked a moment of shame.

People staring thinking I was lame Spreading rumors hoping to get a minute of fame

But I kept my lane And It kept me sane

No it was something else that girl said That got me fed up

I dropped the clover I once depended on

And now I intended on sending it on

Because it was a new dawn Drawn in my injured heart

And sent that clover that made things over over it's self

I dropped it on the shelf. And walked a silence walk with no sound

And I came around And held my ground

And now I found that... Love is a roller-coaster that sets everything upside down

and sets the once smiled face Into a frown

no more clown shit I kept walking desperate to hear a sound

The only sound I can hear was my heart

And my mind thinking this was a mistake Or is this all fake

So I took a double take at my face

Everyone thought was a disgrace I woke up seeing her over me

Holding that same clover I picked it up Throw it before it made thing over

Again And hugged her

But I woke up now realizing I was stuck in inception

My body to hurt to see the reality of my destiny

Which will bring out the best in me or is it just testing me

No.... The clover is my subconscious reality of luck 

And to think four leaf clovers were lucky

and so it's finally over..

The End

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