Four Boys and One Girl

There once was 4 boys and 1 girl

That all shared one thing in common

Each wanted to win the girl’s heart

Though each were very different

The girl did not know which one to choose


One was down to earth

And always made her laugh


While the other understands

And knew her past


The other was fairly new

But it was love at first sight


The last one was different

Which she knew wasn’t very bright


But she liked him for his kindness

And soothing way


While the other she also liked

Who joked around and played


All the boys did not like one

Because of what he did to the girl

But the girl forgave him and  

Still managed a kiss curl


But the other was noble

So strong and true

Who let her heart sail away

In which she always flew


But she was far away

As far as can be

From all the boys

In which she could be free


But she knew she has to make her decision

Because she knows it’s unfair

And though she has a big heart

It’s hard for her to not care


And though it seems like she can hardly refuse

She knows in the end that eventually she will have to choose…

The End

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