Found Myself (Sun,Moon,and Stars)

@GardeniasCastle requested a poem about the sun,moon, and stars...

So here's her poem about the Sun,Moon,and Stars

I find myself basking in a pale glowing light,
the moon lost in my eyes,
twinkle on my skin, galaxy,
Stars, find your home in my hair -
a thousand constellations in a single strand
flowing through the Milky Way of my hands,
The universe lives in me,
connects through me,
exists in the perpetual flow of the sun shining through the
window of my soul-
the soles of my feet fly in wild motion,
my essence a burning comet in the skies-
I am dancing on the Sun,
Mother Nature singing her song,
The universe is the only creation that will last forever,
while I spend my forevers in the heart-throbbing beat
of my love’s pulse.
I am melting in the feathered heat, the sweltering existence
of dancing on the sun,waltzing on asteroids,
unfettering the orbits and dancing with the planets-
I found myself in the beauty of the sky.

The End

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