Found My Place Among Artists

And I think I can do this.

i went to this thing today.
an art class.

the instructor is this
gray-haired German lady,
with glasses and a plaid shirt.
she's nice.

not coddle-y nice,
but constructive-y nice.

it was all girls.

there was this one girl,
with short, short hair
and glasses.

she was cute.
i was awkward.

and the funny thing was,
i had been so scared the first time
of meeting these new people
but it's artists.

seven artists sitting in one room
inking out contours,
not speaking, not looking at anything but the page.

at one point,
somebody plugged music into the speakers.

nobody said a thing,
we just listened as somebody sang
'I was scared of dentists and the dark
I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations'

it wasn't a strained not-speaking state,

pens scratching on papers,
elbows shuffling against tables.

the sound of breathing.
and god,
i have never felt less like going insane.

i've been spiraling lately.

going nowhere but down.

and somehow,

seven teenagers,
one room,
a German lady,
and a couple pens
might just be the push i need
to beat this depression.

The End

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