Found at sea

I guess this poem is left a little to the imagination and to one's own interpretation. Perhaps one or two of you could relate to it or respond to it in some way.

The pressure of the tumbling waves
Washed over her
They splashed about in the frothy water
She slipped further into the silky sand

She overcame the fight for breath
She lay there
Hazel eyes staring upwards
A mask of blurry refracted light
She found it

They found her
Suspended in a watery casket
Her lips parted, as if in anticipation
Her raven locks
Strewn in a tangled peacefulness
Around her head
A halo

Their eyes oozed tears
Each salty morsel
Lost in the ocean of forgotten tears
They wept
They cried
She emerged above them
Drying their eyes.

The End

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