Fortune lies strewn as pebbles, awaiting discovery


Strewn across the beaches of Life

Amid  particles of slithering mass.

Glittering shells and pebbles do lie

In endless wait for waves to pass.



As Countless waves swell and keel over

Rushing and ranting, all froth and foam .

With endless rhythm and boundless vigour

With tireless thrust and vicious  form.



Conchy shells and pebbles lie strewn

In random patterns and symmetry.

As waves leave the beaches hewn

Like dazzling verse in Life’s poetry.



Pebbles of fortune lie scattered across

Life’s tortuous ways and charted paths

Toil and turmoil does roll and toss

Sweeping  them under tufts of grass.



Awaiting someone to wander by

They wait there in slush and grime.

For an earnest heart and roving eye

Like church bells in sombre requiem


The curious ones do find them however,

By quirk of fate, or smart diligence.

By Luck benign,or sheer endeavour

By thoughtful effort or mere Providence.

The End

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