Forsaken Sorrow

She's hauntin me now

You gave me a gift

But this gift isn’t pretty; it’s a skewed deformed idealistic way of thinking

This thinking that’s making me double take every girl I meet for signs of you

Because you’ve indoctrinated my view of women with your poisons that sink in too deep to see through

The way I link you to the new faces makes me pick apart every flaw I see like a vulture’s talons picking at fresh meat

And you’ve sent me off on a good farewell thinking that I have overcame this wretched shame of a failed lovesick claim

But you’ve pushed me out of the nest forcing me to fly when in fact you snapped my wing before I could even try

And as I fall I can hear the witches cackle’s of you laughing at my fresh wound and my sorry defeat

To me this story seemed to have ended but now it’s taken a turn which no man could’ve defended

It’s become a new realm of terror that I dream of in my sleep and follows me in my dad to day routine

Because in this world no matter how many fish are in this menacing sea they’ll always remind me of the tragedy that you’ve caused me

The kind and caring little red riding hood skeet shooting my dreams with a rifle tipped with toppling feelings

These feelings that come in soft serene waves of deadly killing jellyfish that with one sting will cause an avalanche in my ever threatened sub-being

This forest fire that was lit by the embers of your scorching breath that burns villages to the ground

The same fire that’s bringing me to my knees in surrender because I obviously can’t take you on in a bar rules fist fight

You would have me down before I’d have a punch thrown because the force of my love for you met by hurricanes that collide into two and roll into the banks of my heart are tearing me apart

And yes I know I sound mellow-dramatic but listen to these words that are coming out of my mouth

I just wish that for once you could see that these bellowing words stand true

That I’m not just some infatuated teen who admits he’s having trouble contemplating why you keep telling him to move on when it’s not going to help

Stand up and be a man

Face me with what’s left of this talked about spirit that you have and show me that you actually care for a man that you hold so dear

The End

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