You don't have to be lonely, on
Well, if only this were true. Did have a Website like that - and it didn't work!

Writers are by definition persons lonely
People they might be reluctant to meet
Would you even happen to notice any?
Should you pass one on the street?

Allegories of love they can easily write
Yet Starved for affection they often are
going through life with volumes written
But behind each story lies a scar

Therefore this website has been created
It's titular title is "ForLonelyWritersOnly"
Where likeminded scribes can in confidence meet
and never again have to be lonely :)

The venture was only partially successful
Writers in droves came to this site
companions found, for a while they were happy
in the ensuing bliss, they no longer could write!

Panic followed, and alliances broken
writers and lovers soon parted ways
the website collapsed, ruining the founders
Writers themselves, but as lovers dismayed!

One must accept, tis a life of misery
Writers are condemned to suffer alone
from blank pages create stories so lively
yet love, happiness shan't follow them home

P.S: Just realized there was an actual website called "ForWritersOnly" - sigh. There is a thin line between reality and fantasy these days - Almost anything can happen!

The End

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