Forgotten Son

I wrote this about a kid that I go to school with; his family is insanely rich, and I know that his girlfriend just uses him because of that. His brother is a really popular athlete and is incredibly good at everything he does, and I think this kid is just stuck trying to live his own life despite what everyone else wants him to do, so I wrote this poem about him.

He’s sitting silent and alone again.
With the people that are supposed to be his friends.
They’re saying nothing to him, he’s saying nothing to them.
They’re not sitting next to him, he’s not sitting with them.

His money is no figure here.
Not that he wants it to be.
But still, wouldn't you rather be noticed for something you wish you weren't
than not be noticed at all?

Where is his family at a time like this?
At least then he wouldn't be out and lying to them later.
His girlfriend loves him for his money.
Everyone else forgot him.

Where is his brother at a time like this?
Off with his friends, the ones he doesn't want.
At least then they would notice him,
while he's standing next to the figure they wish he was.

So why doesn’t he speak up?
Say that he’s his own person, not a projection of his brother?
I don’t know.
I may never know.
But I wish I did.

But I’m really the same way.
I hate observing him and hating what’s being done to him.
I wish I could go and talk to him,
because then I would know what’s bothering him.

Yet I hold myself back,
I’ve no idea why.
It wouldn’t hurt anything,
I’ll never see them again.
So why do I care so much
about someone I don’t know?

The End

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