Forgotten Leaf


I put on my strong face

and laugh with hidden tears of resentment

if you complete the race

there's no room for tedious judgment


But trees go into slumber

when winter comes

with icy claw and threatening eyes

soft wood no longer good to lumber


I don't care what they say

I know who I am

I am God's lamb

full of life lost at the bay


but spring is around the corner

my branches singing praises

blossoms for all to see

Grace throughout  Your tree


I can be a friend forever

to walk and sing and live together

if you complete the race

there will always be more space


But Autumn creeps in slowly

life weeps of death

all things must come to an end

to be renewed, shed of the old lowly


I make mistakes and grow

I feel the pain and let it flow

I bump my head more than once

are you going to give me a chance?


But Summer leaves no time to ponder

colors and faces open and stronger

please don't leave me behind

 in seasons forgotten

flying like wild cotton


The End

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