Forgiving too Late

I loved you once, we were so close
I never stopped you know
I never hated you, no matter how much I wanted to
You were my escape, a happy place

but you chose that over me, over us
it was more important, and I got pushed out

Then you came back
I didn’t want to get my hopes up
I didn’t want false hope
I was scared of being hurt, being left once more

but...without realizing, I did hope
I started to open up again
I stopped trying to hate you and treating you like the bad guy
I started trying again

But now there’s talking of you leaving
I feel so stupid, I don’t know if I should have tried sooner, or not at all
I’m not sure if I should be sad
or how to feel at all really

talk is just talk, no real proof
so I’m not sure, I’m just confused
my heart is being pulling and turned in circles upside down

so please, just try a little bit longer
if not for you, for me, for my sake
don’t leave quite yet
Don’t break this finally healed heart
Don’t make the tears run that just barely have dried

Stay a bit longer, hold on for a little more time, push that extra length
We just need a little more time
Just don’t give up...

The End

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