Forgiven~An Easter Poem

This is a poem inspired by Christ's death on the cross for our sins, and my gratitude towards the pain he felt on that wooden cross on Calvary.

A dagger through my soul
I’m losing all control
Not sure which way
To go or to stay.

 Pain for myself
Standing on this broken shelf
About to fall below
With nowhere else to go.

 My heart is sure to crumble
And I can only mumble,
“Please save me,
Set me free.”

 And now I’m screaming
Through all the pain that’s teaming
Within my mind
No relief of any kind.

 Is there no one around
Even as I make this sound
Or have they fallen too?
I don’t know what to do.

 I’ve bottled up my feelings
And now I am reeling
In all my pain
As I’m beaten again.

 There is no escape
My mouth covered in tape
As the mocking echoes in my head
Won’t someone do this in my stead?

 Then I see a light
Coming into sight
A cross upon his back
And I hear a whip crack.

  I shudder with each blow
And cower down below
 As they place thorns in his hair
And that’s when I realize I care.

 I don’t want him to die,
Instead I want to cry,
“Stop! He didn’t deserve this!”
I don’t know what this emotion is.

 I want to cry or scream
Or just do something
As they nail him to the tree
The punishment for blasphemy.

 “King of Jews,” the soldiers mock.
As the crowd continues to gawk
And they split his belongings
And now it’s dawning.

 Every blow he took
Every time he caught a hateful look
He felt another sin weigh him down
Another burden on his crown.

 Thrown into hell by our sin
Given every disjointed limb
But he rose again
Not by Satan was he slain.

 He lost his life and found ours
Forgave our sins with his scars,
Unlocked heaven’s gates to let us in
To save us from our guilty sin.

 So as they raise the cross
I don’t cry with loss.
He died for me.
And I am free.

The End

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